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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning in Perth

Air Con Service Centre specialise in reverse cycle air conditioning. This means our systems are designed to give complete climate control and get the most from your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. With 25 years of experience, we are the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth specialists to go to. Refrigerated air conditioning is connected to ducts which distribute cool or warm air to multiple rooms or spaces. Combined with a zoning system, your ducted refrigerated air conditioning system will be the perfect solution to tackle the hot summer. Refrigerated ducted air conditioning can range in sizes starting from 7.1kW.

The best advantage of refrigerated ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is that it effectively, economically and quietly allows you to take total control of your indoor climate - especially because reverse cycle air conditioning is more efficient and affordable than ever! Ducted systems are flexible meaning that you can tailor them to your exact requirements. You can also get all the requirements from your systems straight from us - from the unit itself, to the air vents, and everything in between.

Performance of Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Refrigerated ducted air conditioning is reverse cycle meaning it can heat your home during the winter, and cool your home during the summer. This makes it an affordable and efficient solution if you're looking at seeking a heating solution. 

Health of Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Refrigerated air conditioning is the healthier way to cool or heat your home or business, according to The Allergy Research Foundation. Ensure that you regularly clean both the return air and fresh air filters and your home will be kept at a constant low allergen level.

Maintenance of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

One of the great things about refrigerated air conditioning is that thanks to its extreme reliability and the fact that maintenance is normally only necessary to prevent problems arising, a service is very cost effective. Domestic systems can need as little as one service a year, depending on how they are used

Need a brand new reverse cycle system installation? Click below to email a copy of your house plan or to organise an obligation free quote!

Looking at replacing your existing reverse cycle system? Click below to organise an obligation free quote! 

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