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Why use evaporative cooling and how evaporative air conditioning works? 

Evaporative air conditioning is wonderfully simple – which is why it works so well.


Basically, hot outside air is drawn through a water saturated filter. Here at the filters, the evaporative cooler filters and cleans the air making evaporative cooling an ideal choice for allergy sufferers. The evaporation process removes heat and produces a large continuous stream of comfortably cool, clean, fresh air... nothing could be more natural. Air within your home is cooled and completely replaced every few minutes - so it is always evaporative cooling fresh.

Evaporative cooling also combats unwanted airborne dust and pollen from entering your home, making it gentler on the eyes, nose and skin. Evaporative air conditioning unit systems are a totally natural process which fills your home with 100% fresh air. That’s why evaporative ducted air conditioning is just like a breath of cool, fresh air in your home.


By pumping fresh, cool air into your house and pushing hot, stale air out, evaporative cooling air conditioning units also operate as a ventilation system. 


If you enjoy outdoor entertaining, have a busy family, or just prefer the pleasures of indoor-outdoor living, then there is no better basic choice than ducted evaporative air conditioning. 

Air Con Service Centre has over 25 years of experience with ducted evaporative cooling systems. As Seeley International Dealers we only deal with leading brands in the evaporative air conditioning industry; BreezairBraemar and Coolair.


Click on any of the brand names above to find out more information on the individual evaporative cooling units or contact us now for expert advise! 

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